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Working in the IT arena since he left school in the early 80’s, Rich has seen a huge movement from hardware based electronics to software systems and in the last couple of decades the massive rise in businesses and individuals wanting an ‘online presence’ on the web.

Rich has been designing and building websites since the late 90’s, before that time he spent hours designing ascii and ansi art splash pages for bulletin boards systems (BBS’s) in the UK.

Initially building fansites for motorcycle enthusiasts and progressing to build interactive websites for small businesses. In recent years he has built websites for photographers displaying their portfolios.

As a Christian, Rich is involved in the local community here in Dorchester and has built several websites for churches in the town.

Kay is the office administrator, she takes care of the financial side, managing accounts, paying bills etc. As a husband and wife team we work well together and as a small outfit we pride ourselves on being approachable, friendly and hard working.

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