How much will it cost me…?

As each website is unique, the cost to build and put your website ‘out there’ in the ether is going to vary. This depends on the following factors;

  • What type of Domain name you would like or are currently using (these vary in cost per annum from approximately £6 for a domain up to £54 for a .global domain name).
  • How many years you will register the domain name for. Some domain registrars offer a multi-year discount.
  • The cost of hosting your website can vary hugely depending on what type of website you’re hoping to build. By ‘hosting’, we mean the files that make up your website are stored on a server remotely and the server owner will make a monthly / yearly cost for this. We offer a hosting solution tailored to your requirements, so can keep costs down.
  • Our costs in design, domain administration and time spent in creating the website.

We offer every client a FREE initial consultation to determine what exactly is required, what we can offer in terms of a technical solution and timescales to completion.

Typically, from initial contact, a basic one page website can be live on the internet within 24 hours (depending upon current workload). Logo design timescales can vary hugely, depending upon complexity, but typically can be completed within several days.

Putting timescales and costs aside, we want to work with you to put your ideas into practice and get them ‘published’!

Website Creation

From start to finish, we can create a simple 1 page short website using a domain name and a basic hosting package (hosted on our own servers) All in. From just…

Website Logos

We can design and create a unique logo for your website. We supply images in Photoshop .psd file, and formats in .jpg and .png sizes according to your requirements. From just…

Website Hosting

Our Basic starter/hosting package is enough to get a small website off the ground, enough for for 5 or 6 pages of text and graphics and includes 1 wordpress database. From just…

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I need a new website!

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